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Terms & Conditions



Clients are responsible for selecting a tour suitable for their athletic ability, informing us of any medical or dietary restrictions, signing our release form prior to the start of their tour, and obeying all safe biking rules. iTrikeMoore, L.L.C. reserves the right to decline or withhold service to any person who, for physical or other reasons, is deemed unfit for the trip. iTrikeMoore, L.L.C. is not responsible for cancellations or amendments due to acts of nature or inclement weather. Accommodations will be offered should a tour be cancelled due to either of these Every care will be taken to respect your property at all times. However, iTrikeMoore is not responsible for damage, loss, or theft of your personal belongings.  If you bring a personal vehicle to meet the tour at the trailhead, iTrikeMoore is not responsible for your vehicle and its contents. You are responsible for parking legally and any tickets you may receive for improper parking violations are the sole responsibility of the client.


     Your Responsibilities

iTrikeMoore, L.L.C. is committed to making your trip as rewarding and fun as possible. But we require your help to do so. For example, we rely on you to provide us with necessary personal information, such as physical limitations, allergies, dietary needs, special interests, etc . . . so we can craft the right trip for you. We also ask that you respond to our questions in a timely manner so as not to delay the planning process.


     Our Responsibilities
iTrikeMoore, L.L.C. recognizes the faith and trust you put in us to plan your tour. We will do our utmost to create and deliver the perfect trip for you. Our aim is to provide you with reliable service. We will respond to your messages promptly and will keep you informed about the tour’s itinerary. If at any time you have questions or concerns we ask that you let us know immediately so we can address them.


Booking and Payment
Full payment for the tour is required at the time of booking. This will secure your reservation for the date of the tour you have selected. Should conditions beyond the control of iTrikeMoore, L.L.C. precipitate the need for cancellation of any tour, you will be given the choice of rebooking or a full refund. The tour price is per person and includes those items mentioned in the itinerary. At the time of reservation, a credit card is required to book your tour, or you may pay using the PayPal function. Your credit card will be charged when you confirm your reservation. Our cancellation fees are not negotiable.


In the event that you cancel your participation on the tour, iTrikeMoore, L.L.C. has the right to keep your full payment base on the following:
Cancellations made less than 14 days prior to departure. (We are not able to fill your space with less notice).
Cancellations must be submitted to iTrikeMoore, L.L.C. in writing via:


Cancellations by iTrikeMoore, L.L.C.
In very rare cases it may be necessary for iTrikeMoore, L.L.C. to cancel a tour. In the event of cancellation, the client may choose to rebook, or a full refund will be sent to the client and this constitutes full settlement iTrikeMoore, L.L.C. is not responsible for other expenses incurred such as transportation to and from the trailhead.


Provided Equipment
Sunbike adult tricycles are provided. These have been modified for ease of use with three speeds, hand and foot brakes, quick release seats, extra wide and padded seats with backrests, and deep baskets between the rear wheels. We provide Bontrager cycling helmets. We will ask for your height to insure that you get the most suitable trike possible, we strongly recommend you book as early as possible, as these tours are limited to twelve clients per tour.

You will be responsible for the tricycle once you take possession of it at the trailhead. Your responsibilities include any costs for damage through neglect up to the full value of the tricycle.


Your privacy is important to us. iTrikeMoore, L.L.C. needs to collect personal information (such as your statement of physical ability to participate, and your height) in order to plan your trip

and fit you to our trikes.


We appreciate the sensitive nature of this information and will not share it with third parties without your express written permission.

By sending us your payment in full, you are consenting to iTrikeMoore, L.L.C. collecting and using your personal information as required to plan your trip and provide you with proper equipment.


Limitation of Liability, Release, and Indemnity
To be eligible to take an iTrikeMoore, L.L.C. trip, Riders must accept the risks of travel, set out in these Terms & Conditions, and assume full responsibility for any loss, injury, death or damage to them, their family or their dependants or property arising in connection with their participation, or the participation of their family, in the trip. Riders must have their own insurance appropriate to their needs and the needs of their family or dependents in respect of such loss, injury, death or damage.

The cost of all iTrikeMoore, L.L.C. tours is based on riders agreeing to these Terms & Conditions and in particular this Limitation of Liability,


Release and Indemnity.

As iTrikeMoore, L.L.C. is acting solely as an agent of you with respect to all tricycle transportation other arrangements, in consideration for participating in the trips, riders agree not to sue iTrikeMoore, L.L.C., its employees, directors, successors, agents and assigns in respect of, and forever release them from, all liability for economic loss and physical or mental injury, direct or indirect, arising in connection with the trip and the actions of any third party service providers—including, without limitation, permanent disability and death; any emotional distress; any loss of services, financial support, aid, consortium or companionship; and any damage to or loss of property—in each case even if caused in whole or in part by the conduct, including the negligence, of iTrikeMoore, L.L.C., except where such loss, injury or damage is caused by reckless or fraudulent conduct on the part of iTrikeMoore, L.L.C. or their employees, guides, shareholders, officers or directors, in which case the Rider retains the right to sue only iTrikeMoore, L.L.C., in respect of that conduct.


Riders further agree that they will indemnify and hold iTrikeMoore, L.L.C., harmless in respect of any claims arising in connection with the trip made by:

i) third parties, which arise from the misconduct of the Riders;
ii) the Rider’s family members, dependents or heirs;
iii) third parties, which the Rider, their estate, their family members, dependents or heirs have sued, if damages are recovered from such third parties, to the extent the third party obtains any indemnification from iTrikeMoore, L.L.C.; except where the loss, injury, death or damage is caused by the reckless or fraudulent conduct on the part of iTrikeMoore, L.L.C., or their employees, guides, shareholders, officers or directors. iTrikeMoore, L.L.C. reserves the right to decline accepting any Rider whose health or actions in iTrikeMoore, L.L.C.’s sole judgment impede the operation of a trip or the welfare or enjoyment of fellow Riders.


In addition and without limitation, iTrikeMoore, L.L.C. is not responsible for any injury, loss, or death, or damage to property in connection with the provision of any goods or services whether resulting from, without limitation, to acts of God or force majeure, weather, illness, disease, acts of war, civil unrest, insurrection/revolt, animals, labor unrest including strikes, criminal or terrorist activities of any kind, overbooking or downgrading of services, food poisoning, mechanical or other failure of means of transportation or travel delays, travel advisories or warnings.

In further consideration for participating in the trip, Riders agree that iTrikeMoore, L.L.C., or their designate, may use any photographic or film records of the trips for promotional and/or commercial purposes, without any remuneration to the Rider.
The Rider agrees to assign all right, title and interest they may have in or to any media in which their name or likeness might be used to iTrikeMoore, L.L.C.

Travelers agree that iTrikeMoore, L.L.C. is the trustee of the respective rights of iTrikeMoore, L.L.C. under this Limitation of Liability, Release and Indemnity, which will apply to a Rider’s trips with iTrikeMoore, L.L.C., and any transfer of a reservation to another trip.
These Terms & Conditions and this Limitation of Liability, Release and Indemnity are binding upon all members of the Traveler’s family, dependents, estate, heirs, successors and legal personal representatives.

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