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About the Smiles

Terri Moore - Tour Director

As a native Floridian, I grew up enjoying the great outdoors year round. Exploring Florida's backroads and byways from north to south, and coast to coast, fanned a passion for all the nooks and crannies, histories and tall tales of this crazy beautiful, wild and weird home of mine. I wanted to share this love with folks, as we relished a bit of sunshine, fresh air, and gentle pedaling in small groups of like-minded adventurers.  And, viola! iTrikeMoore was born.


While iTrikeMoore was born from my love of Florida, history, and backroad adventures, my commitment to cycling was born from four knee surgeries and the passionate desire to return to the explorer I had always been. To rehab my new knees I cycled about the state from the Panhandle to South Florida, from the Gulf to the Ocean. In these journeys at eye level and a slower pace, each region of this state revealed her unique and delicate beauty and rich history. I wanted to share this passion with others who might not have the ability or equipment to wander through these diverse and captivating landscapes.


And, I wanted to offer this opportunity to anyone with the desire to exercise gently while enjoying the natural wonders of Florida, drinking in the flora and fauna, as well as sharing memories over a shared meal with new friends. Join us to make connections and learn about this wonderland. Feel like a kid again as we peddle gently along stopping to catch a great photo shot, smell the flowers, or to simply enjoy our time together. 

On our tours, I'll share what I know about this Florida home of mine when we stop along the way as we pedal designated multi-use paths. While we may cross or peddle short distances on public roads, our routes have been carefully chosen to limit inclines and contact with motorized vehicles. Our pace is not designed to count miles. Instead, we're focused on smiles.  iTrikeMoore is all about the friendships, the journey, and the stops along the way. Come and meet new friends, stretch your legs, and  let's enjoy some of life's best scenic routes.


                                                                                                                                                                       Terri Moore

Tour Tips


What does the booking price include? 

  • When you book a tour, the price of the tour includes the trike rental, helmet rental, a small snack and water for the ride.

What happens on the tour?

  • Your tour guide will always offer information on the history and interesting highlights of the area.

Are there any other expenses?

  • Trips may include stops for lunch.

  • If your tour includes a lunch stop, you will be responsible for the purchase of your meal.

  • Trips may include side adventures to museums and other attractions. Should you choose these, you may be responsible for your admission cost to the event. Some tours include the price of admission for museums. 

  • Any additional costs will be detailed when you book your tour.

What can I take on the trikes?

  • Our trikes have big deep baskets between the rear wheels, so you will be able to carry needed items with you.

How do I get to the tours and back?

  • You will meet up with the tour at the trailhead and we will shuttle you back to your cars at the end of the tour.

What are the requirements for

rental and the tour?

  • You will book your tour in advance on this site, making payment at that time.

  • Please select the menu option above for Terms and Conditions and read them carefully before booking your tour. Once you book a tour with us, you have agreed to our Terms and Conditions.

  • You will be required to sign a Welcome Waiver when you meet us for the tour, part of which states you are physically able to participate in this type of exercise.

When and where are the tours?

  • You will find specific tours regularly on our rotating schedule. Each of these tours has weather listed for that location.

  • Prior to your booked tour date, a trail map will be given, as well as information on where to meet at the trailhead. 

  • Tour time duration is an approximation and not a guarantee. We try to remain flexible based on participants' needs and interests.

  • We would be delighted to customize a specific tour for you or your group.

What do I bring?

  • A list of suggestions for clothing and other items for comfort will be sent to you prior to departure on the tour date and time.

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